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Uganda has so many disadvantaged communities with a lot of opportunities around them. Take an example of poor communities around several tourism destinations in Kalangala islands, Mt. Rwenzori Region (Mountain of the moon), Mt Elgon region and south western Uganda that is blessed by its beautiful scenery that attract several tourists.


The identified communities are taken through hands on training on several handcrafts and other fabric designs with the locally available materials with exceptions of value addition materials like beads and dye

The beneficiaries are also training on other business skills that include, marketing and sales, branding and standardization, book keeping and record Management.


The beneficiaries are equipped with the raw materials and the minimal equipment required for sustainability of the project after the implementation. 

Spread the message

The beneficiaries are encouraged and tasked to train other members in the community. This is easy to achieve after full sensitization of the benefits of quality and quantity when marketing the products.

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