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Crafting Experiences

Uganda has so many disadvantaged communities with a lot of opportunities around them.
Sceck Consult has therefore taken the initiative to aid the women and youth in these communities by making very serious headway as far as training them in life skills.
The identified communities are taken through hands on training on several handcrafts and other fabric designs with the locally available materials with exceptions of value addition materials like beads and dye.

Our Vision

To become the Skills Empowerment Champion.

Our Mission

To become the preferred skills training personnel across local and international markets and to build sustainable income generating activities for women and youth.

Our Objectives

  1. To train several communities in handicrafts and business skills.
  2. To produce the most elegant, authentic and durable handicrafts using locally available materials.
  3. To position women and youth on the world market as reliable suppliers of high quality handicrafts.
  4. To become the leading trainer and mentor of life skills that are sustainable to disadvantaged women and youth.

about the Founder

Charlotte M. Kazoora is the founder and the CEO of Sceck Consult, and this is her story:
"The decision was made when I was working on a project at the main island in Kalangala. I interfaced directly with the fishing communities there and found that the main activity was fishing. Realistically, I was traumatized by poverty levels amongst the communities. The preliminary inquiry indicated that the main activity was done by men while the children and their mothers waited redundantly at the shores to help with cleaning and smocking of the unsold fish (stock)."

"At that point I didn’t know the best way of helping the threatening state of poverty and other vices that included prostitution, pick-pocketing, robbery, to mention but a few.
In 2013, using my savings, I mobilized a group of women and youth, and trained them in several skills including; handcraft, tailoring, marketing & sales, book keeping and records management. The impact ever since has been amazing."

Meet the team behind sceck consult

Our Team


Charlotte .M. Kazoora



Butali Eric

Finance Manager


Massa James Peter

IT Support /programme Manager


Kyomugisha Charlene

Operations Manager


Aerone Nanyonjo


Charlotte M. Kazoora  has analytical skills in various sectors that include banking , agriculture , agro-processing
and value chain analysis, trade and commerce, hotel and tourism, among others.
She has capacity to build consensus with internal stakeholders and external third parties to successfully achieve goals.

She is driven to empower and training the women in theses disadvantaged communities in practical and creative skills for the betterment of themselves, their families and their respective communities.

How we got here

Sceck Consult was born after 15 years of working experience by the founder. The founder worked as a Project Officer / Analyst for several financial institutions in East Africa, mainly Uganda.

This exposed her to several communities in the country but mainly the attention was drawn to school going youth that had never gone to school or dropped out at an early age before completing primary level education and peasant women in different communities without any source of income.

This state of affairs sickened the founder to the point where she had to do something about it. Therefore in 2013, using her savings, she mobilized a group of women and trained them in several hand craft, tailoring, marketing and sales, book keeping and record management and the impact was amazing.
It was then that she knew that this had to become a lifelong pursuit. Her main goal is to either create an income generating project or offer an alternative source of employment in case of the overpopulated communities.

All these interventions call for everyone who feels for an African woman and child in disadvantaged communities to give a hand to alleviate millions of poor women and youth to have a descent employment or steady source of income.

Services Offered by SCECK CONSULT:

  • Business and Finance Advisory services
  • Project planning and Management
  • Home stay services (accommodation, community and cultural tourism)
  • Women and youth Advocacy
  • Women and Youth Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Hard craft marketing and sales

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